Real Fruit In Every Drop

Made with no artificial colourings, Robinsons squash is bursting with real, thirst-quenchingly fruity flavours to keep you refreshed. We use real fruit that is squeezed, pressed or crushed in every drop of Robinsons


No added sugar

In 2015, we made Robinsons fruit squash even tastier by removing any added sugars. Now the only trace you’ll find comes from the real fruit in every drop of Robinsons

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Refreshing the Nation

We know lots of people prefer drinking water with a splash of Robinsons squash – making it an easy way to stay refreshed all day long


Barley Goodness

The barley in Robinsons is all naturally sourced and goes from the field into our squash. Milled soon after harvest, this traditional ingredient adds a silky-smooth texture to our squash. It’s the perfect partner for our fruits! 

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Our History


Mr Matthias Robinson invents Robinsons Patent Barley and Barley Groats starting Robinsons life out if powder form!

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Robinsons production moves to Norwich where it was produced until 2019




Combining Robinson's patent barley crystals with real lemon juice and sugar, Mr Smedley Hodgson created a refreshing and hydrating drink for the players at Wimbledon. He began placing Robinsons Barley Water into the players dressing rooms and so Wimbledon and Britvic association began.


Lemon Barley Water was introduced and from this date it began to appear in bottles on the steps of the Umpires seat at Wimbledon. Robinsons became the offcial soft drink provider for The Wimbledon Championships and the Robinsons, Wimbledon association has stayed strong for over 80 years.



Even her Royal Highness loves our Lemon Barley Water . In 1955, Robinsons was appointed with a royal warrant by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.



Robinsons Fruit & Barley was launched in 1994 with even more thirst-quenchingly fruity flavours including Blackcurrant, Peach and Orange & Summer Fruits -tasty!



2010 was a very special year for Robinsons. We proudly celebrated 75 years in partnership with Wimbledon – and to mark the occasion, we offered 75 kids a coaching experience with tennis superstar, Tim Henman.



We squeezed even more out of every drop in 2011 when we launched our Double Concentrate squash - made to last twice as long as single concentrate, giving you that thirst-quenching Robinsons taste time and time again.




The best things come in small packaging. In 2014 we launched Robinsons Squash’d, our very own super-concentrated, compact (and spill proof) squash, to give you that refreshing Robinsons taste on the go.


Winner of ‘Best Sports Sponsor’ in 2015 for our partnership with Wimbledon. To celebrate 80 years on Centre Court, we launched the ‘Great Robinsons Ball Hunt’ – hiding ginormous tennis balls across the UK. Each ball represented an unforgettable moment in tennis history and the man himself, Tim Henman, served up clues on where to find them.

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2015 was a fruitful year for Robinsons. Not only did we remove loads of calories across the range, we also reintroduced a new liquid, a new design and a brand new campaign – ‘Real Fruit in Every drop’


2017 welcomed the launch of two great new additions to the Robinsons family. Fruit Creations, offering a sophisticated blend of grown up flavours, and Fruit Cordials pairing Real Fruit with delicious Botanicals, sweetened by natural sources

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Superfruit Cordials were launched in two juicy flavours - Orange & Acerola Cherry and Raspberry & Goji Berry with added vitamins and benefits to kick start your day

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