A fun filled virtual hunt for the whole family to enjoy outdoors and win thousands of prizes.

The Robinsons Big Fruit Hunt is our new campaign FOR SUMMER 2022 and beyond. Created to encourage families with kids to flavour their water bottles with Robinsons, whenever, wherever. An engaging activation that excites and rewards consumers & shoppers for getting out and about with Robinsons.


Our exciting Big Fruit Hunt is free to play when you scan the QR code on your mobile, open the experience on your browser and play in ‘practice mode.

To play for a chance to win prizes, you are required to purchase a promotional bottle and enter a unique code, found inside the bottle label.  

As this is an online game, your standard network data charges will be applied when not connected to Wi-Fi.

The Big Fruit Hunt Play to Win game will take as long as you choose, depending on the distance and selection of four pins you walk towards in a green space. Through our own fun testing, we would expect it to take anywhere between 5-15 minutes for a single game, but you always have the chance to play again or extend your game depending on which pins you select!

You can play the Big Fruit Hunt without supervision if you are 18 years old or over. If you’re under 18 years old, please ask your parent or guardian to review and approve our Terms of Use on your behalf before you play and they should be present to supervise when you are playing. 

We are sorry, the game is only available for consumers residing in Great Britain (i.e., England, Scotland, and Wales).

You can find the QR code to enter the Big Fruit Hunt on the following promotional packs. The unique code can be found on the underneath of the label.

Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Orange Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Summer Fruits Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Apple & Blackcurrant Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Orange Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Summer Fruits Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Orange & Pineapple Squash No Added Sugar 1L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Apple & Blackcurrant Squash No Added Sugar 1.75L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Orange Squash No Added Sugar 1.75L

Robinsons Double Concentrate Orange & Pineapple Squash No Added Sugar 1.75L

Robinsons Orange Squash NAS 900ml

Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant Squash NAS 900ml

The code on your promotional pack is only valid for 1 game of The Big Fruit Hunt to win prizes. You can play the practice mode as many times as you like.

There is no limit on how many times you can play the Big Fruit Hunt! There is a maximum of 5 prizes per household for the entirety of the Robinsons Big Fruit Hunt promotion. If you have been lucky enough to win 5 prizes, unfortunately you will not be eligible to win any more.

This is an exciting, augmented reality game which requires a mobile phone that has minimum system requirement (fully listed in our T&C’s), that also has a camera. We are sorry that there is no other way to play Big Fruit Hunt without these requirements. Tablet devices are not supported with this experience, the game may appear skewed and a data connection such as 4G/5G and precise GPS data is required for full functionality and a fun experience. This experience will not work on a desktop computer.

We recommend that all Apple iPhone users update their devices to the most recent iOS version of 5.1.4 and above for best performance. This will also ensure your Safari version is up to date.  

We recommend that all Android users update their devices to the most recent Android version, depending on your device this should range from Android 10 to Android 11.

We also recommend that your Chrome app is updated to the latest version via the Google Play Store.

You will need to ensure that you accepted the camera and location permissions. If you denied either of these permissions the game will not work.

Ensure that you or your parent/guardian consented to the terms and conditions and the 18+ age consent. Without accepting these permissions, you will not be able to enter the game.

Check that you entered your unique code from your bottle of Robinsons. Without it, you will not be able to enter the game.

Do you have good network coverage or Wi-Fi? If you have a poor signal where you are located, you may not be able to enter the game at this time.

It’s super important to us that when you play, you are aware of your surroundings, and play safely. Please only collect virtual fruit from safe, easily accessible, and public locations. If the virtual fruit is not in a safe, easily accessible, or public location, simply re-load the fruit pin to generate a new location!  Please do not trespass on private property or damage anything. Finally, remember that your safety comes first!  Do not do anything while playing that could cause any risk of injury to yourself or others. When you agree to play Big Fruit Hunt, you do so at your own risk.

Use the handy feature on the screen on the right-hand side which is the button with a pin crossed out (which represents a pin you cannot reach). If you tap on this icon, it will reveal a pin close to you to avoid any issues.
You will need to be within 20 metres of the pin for this button to appear. If you are further away than that, you will need to find another pin to find. Happy hunting!

There is also an option at the top of the screen to reload pins and the game will then generate you a new set of pins around your location

When you agree to play Big Fruit Hunt, you do so at your own risk. While the game will direct you to green, open spaces, we (Britvic Soft Drinks) will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage that is caused by any inappropriate or unsafe use of the game, so please make sure you play safely and in accordance with the rules.

You could win any one of the following outdoor games kits. We have up to 3,000 kites, 3,000 table tennis kits (incl.2 x bats, 1 x table tennis ball and a small net), and 4,000 frisbees to give away!

No, prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any cash alternatives in whole or in part unfortunately.

After you have accepted your prize and provided your address details, please allow up to 30 days for it to arrive. Of course, we will do our best to get it to you as soon as we can so that you can enjoy it!

Congratulations! If you do not have a printer at home, perhaps you could print your voucher at a local library or you could ask a friend or family member to do it for you if they have one.

Unfortunately, the major supermarkets do not have the in-store technology to accept digital vouchers right now, so print at home vouchers are the next best thing.

To play the game, we only ask for your mobile number – this is to ensure that you can play the game and pick up where you left off.

Your location is requested, but only to ensure that the game can send you to green, and open spaces to enjoy Big Fruit Hunt.

If you win, we ask for your address to send it out to you. This is deleted after 90 days.

None of your data is kept on file and it will never be used for any marketing purpose.

To enter the Sainsburys or ASDA promotion, consumers must purchase a Promotional Pack and scan the QR code on the in-store point of sale material. To enter the Tesco competition, they must visit ww.thebigfruithunt.co.uk and enter Tesco as place of purchase.

Each has its own set of T&C’s and prize pool so please refer to full T&Cs to view them.

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